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Good Design Matters: Hire A Graphic Designer

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When your pipes leak, you call a plumber. If your car breaks down, you take it to a mechanic. As a business owner, you need to apply this same line of thinking to the communication materials for your business needs. Trust in the design professionals to create the perfect solutions for all your visual communication needs. Still not convinced? Consider the following:


Good branding makes your company memorable.

Solid graphic design provides branding consistency across every visual, customer-facing aspect of your business. As professional graphic designer, I use precise colors, typeface, imagery, and mood for every project within a business; providing customers with the same experience using company’s website or reading its brochure. My intent and purpose as a designer is to help businesses become easily recognizable and memorable through a consistent message. Consistency symbolizes professionalism, which symbolizes trustworthiness. 

Creativity sets you apart.

One thing all small businesses have in common; competition. You have to set yourself apart.  This can be done in any number of ways, for example; pricing, quality, or customer service. Consider that creativity can help your business stand out too. Your company’s visual communication  has many objectives, and standing out from the rest should be a priority. Good design delivers your message by grabbing the consumer's attention and inspiring them to take some kind of act, whether the visit your website or come to you storefront.

People judge a book by it's cover.

Truth: you only have one chance to make a first impression. Whether it’s your business's logo or company letterhead, potential customers will judge your business in just a few seconds based on visual appeal alone. Unique and high-quality graphic design gives businesses credibility—how can you put a price tag on that?  Despite offering great services or products, they need to be complimented and supplemented with excellent design.  Clients and customers are quickly turned off by bad design, whether they recognize it or not.

Design paints a picture.

It can be challenging to give people a feel for what your business does even if they’ve never heard of it before. Thoughtful design can help tell the story of your business and create the right image in customers’ minds. The concept for a fitness center would be entirely different than that of a veterinarian clinic. Good design gives consumers confidence in your brand before ever experiencing it.

Save time and money in the long run.

If you don’t take graphic design seriously from the start, you will  go through a design overhaul eventually—possibly more than once. But, quality design has staying power. Great graphic design is no more expensive than paying for poor quality design again and again. Not to mention, multiple redesigns is a waste of time and resources. It can actually have a negative impact on a brand. However minor, constant chages in your brand identity can cause a disconnect with your consumer base, and that is more than just "bad for business".


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